Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Falling Away

Once again I'm letting go....and so much is falling away.
Here's the deal: Check this out and see if it's the same for you. 
I see that I am nothing I've ever thought myself to be. And...there's nowhere to "camp out."

No image, stance, or posturing will do. "Okay...I know I'm not that, so now I'll be this! Well, it's been dawning on me lately that the only this I can be is no image at all. No new image, stance or posturing. 

End of story.
What I am cannot and will not be contained in thought or image. 

And then there's that stuff...you know...the stuff where I look back and realize "oh my God....I can't believe I was that stupid...that shortsighted, that blind!" And I know I can't hide behind "well there's really nobody here anyway so..." Yeah, well that may be true from one vantage point, but my heart knows something deeper. There are some apologies to be made. And then...

It's time to move on. 
No more staying in regret, insecurity and limitation. 

Tell you what... Let's make a deal: 
I'll let go of the you you used to be. (This is the greatest gift I think we can give each other.) And if you can, please do the same for me.

(Thank you. And by the way...guess what...if you can't let go of your idea of who I used to be.....I'm movin' on anyway). 

And this realization is being shown in the physical form as well. This body is changing daily.

Each contraction of muscle, fiber, and vertebrae is proving to be another contraction of mind to be seen, felt, and released. And with each opening there is the realization: My God....I really don't know who I am! And yet the moment I realize this, I know more than ever what I am...and it's beyond thought. 

That's enough. 

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