Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Only the Dance - Healing Movements

It's amazing....

It started years ago. Probably in grade school. I sensed this movement that just happened all by itself. I was there, and I was part of the movement, but it wasn't me doing it. It could be something as simple as turning around at exactly the right moment to receive a piece of paper. 

Later, in my twenties, I remember dancing with a partner to a Stevie Wonder song. We were twirling, moving so gracefully, often back to back, yet without any cognition or intention, meeting each other time and time again, fingertip to fingertip with a grace that was well....divine. It wasn't about being a great dancer. Once again....it just happened. 

Now I know this to be Spirit itself. 

The strange part is knowing that you are part of it, but you are not directing it. You allow it, even work with it. But you do not control it. 

And here's the best part:

All you have to do is let yourself move in exactly the way that feels true and right for you. And the more you "do" this, the more you realize you are perfectly synchronized with the partner or partners you are dancing with. 

It gets even better. The more you do this, the more you realize that you are simultaneously healing each other.

It is the most powerful Yoga, because with each and every movement your partner is reflecting back to you something so vital, something so tender, something so beautiful, that all you can do is be in wonder at the beauty of it.

Sometimes even though the pace of the music is fast, there is a slowing down to complete stillness.

Then, if the presence is strong enough, you meet your partner's eyes....and there it is. The recognition that though there appears to be two dancers (or more)  there is really only the dance.

Call it divine flow, divine order, or synchronicity. It doesn't matter. 

But you know it inside. 

You have touched the divine. You have found that exquisite balance between form and formlessness. Between doer and no doer. And the mind is stunned into silence at the beauty and power of this meeting. 

Right here, on this earth....in this body....

And guess what? It doesn't end when you leave the dance floor. 

In fact...

It's just beginning.... 

All Love, 


Monday, November 7, 2011

Surrendering to the mystery... there is so much more space.

I was doing the dishes the other day when the urge suddenly came over me to move the old wicker rocking-chair from the backyard to the front of the house.

I dried my hands, grabbed the rocker and moments later was placing the chair on the front porch. Somewhere floating softly inside my head was the thought; "does this really have to happen right now?" "Why"? "Don't know".....

I'm learning to trust these movements....these urges arising out of nowhere.

Standing a few feet away in the middle of the street was a middle aged woman I'd never seen before. I remember her golden hair shimmering like a halo in the morning sun.

Lightly I asked, "so what do you think" pointing toward the chair. We both stood silently for a moment, chins in hands pondering the new look. "I like it" she said. "It makes the whole house look more welcoming."

From this simple conversation, other more personal subjects emerged. It turns out my new friend has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and has some difficulty walking and using her hands. I put my arm out, she sweetly laid her hand in mine, and silently we began walking back toward her home. We sat for a while in her old weathered beach chairs looking out at the sun over the Pacific.

Such sweetness this is. Just meeting another person, a total stranger one moment, and the next we're walking arm in arm?

Thank you God, spirit, Shiva, for this Grace....this heart opening. Living more from the unknown. More from love than from fear.

Within fifteen minutes, my world is suddenly wider, more beautiful. I now have a new friend and.... beach front property!

My housemates and I have been invited to come and enjoy the beautiful landscaped grounds and ocean views anytime.

My new friend simply said with a look of bemused wonder "what...do you think we could ever own this view?"

Ahhhh.....Maha Dev, Maha Dev

Love to All,

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