Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everything is here

Not too surprisingly I use sound to orient me in this moment; sounds that are near, sounds that are far away. Next door they are repairing a house. The echo of the hammers clarifies the still clear silence... so empty yet more full than could ever be expressed. Nearby some women are talking, their voices like songs. I hear a car on the road. Or is it an ocean wave? It doesn't matter. There is appreciation for the arising and the dissolution in this stillness. Silence left shining. Who hears the sound?

There have been many Skype calls to Germany recently. Such Grace to be in contact with musicians and others who are helping to create the next tour and CD. The tone and rhythm of their voices ring in my ears and in my being as I realize there truly is no distance when it comes to hearts connecting. Seemingly vast distances shrink to nothing as we speak, then spontaneously fall into silence.

Could it be? Is it really true that space and time are more illusion than  reality? Yes. It is becoming more clear... everything is here. (I swear I wasn't intending to rhyme these lines. Maybe a new song is asking to be sung.)

It feels as if a great harmony is being called for. The harmonization of body and Spirit, form and formless. How does this work in me? Answer: moment by moment, listening, sensing. The "me" feeling more like a cloud in the sky than a solid thing. I am not the "doer" yet doing happens.

Outside, a truck's engine whines. There's the sound of the "clicks" as my fingers press the keypads on the laptop.

Here... always here.

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