Friday, August 26, 2011

Lately I've been disappearing

Sitting in the backyard of my home in Santa Cruz, sipping coffee in the morning.. it's just the sounds I hear...the wind rustling through the leaves, a bird call, the "clink" of my silver coffee cup as it settles itself on the wood porch.
I was up early... way before dawn. I'm learning to trust this movement.
"Really? Out of bed at 2:30 a.m.?" "Okay".

And the day begins....
The sounds I hear and this idea of "me" are floating somewhere inside a silence and stillness with no boundary. Here's the first verse of a song that's been coming through recently. It's got a funky, lively feel... (the dots are an attempt to give you a sense of the groove.)

Lately... I've been.. disappearing..
I know.. it's a.... strange thing to say..
Luckily I've been.. hearing this music
And it's.. helping me find my.....way

It's true. The songs know more than I do.

At 6:30 I wake my son Sam (11). This is his first day in a new school. I love kissing him awake, snuggling for a while. Then he gets some limbo time as I pack his lunch... peanut butter and jelly, an apple, some sliced cheddar cheese....

He has a bowl of cereal and we walk out the door... down a ravine and through a eucalyptus forrest on our way. The morning mist floats in and behind the trees in many shades from grey to bright silver.

We are quiet as we walk, holding hands... and it's magical.

All Love,

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